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Unto The End

Unto The End is a 2D cinematic adventure with tactical combat and emergent gameplay. You take the role of a father, who sets out on a quest for vengeance after his family is killed by a ferocious beast. It's a journey driven by unforgiving encounters, meaningful choices, and moments of stark beauty.


Games + Concepts
North - Combat Adventure concept

North was the concept project which laid the foundation for Unto The End. We have stopped all work on North, making Unto The End our fulltime focus.

Waystar - A Space Adventure concept

Another concept project, which explored dynamic story telling and featured an X-COM style squad in a sci-fi setting. Like North, we've decided to put this concept on hold in favour of Unto The End.

Beard Quest concept

Working title Beard Quest, is an action-adventure game inspired by Ys: The Vanished Omens (Sega Master System). We've moved on from this concept, but might revist it again in the future.

Cow Jumpin' iOS, March 2014


You good at games? Really good? Better than your friends? This game is hard, super hard. With dead simple controls and subtle but deep gameplay it's one of the most challenging and addictive games since Doodle Jump. Can you get to 11 points? How about 20? 40? What about 99?

It's the 8th annual cowhead hopping championships, and you're Buddy Dallas. While on top of a speeding train, you need to leap from cowhead to cowhead to score points. To do so, you'll need all your wits, as angry bulls and fearsome vultures look to make you crash.

Step up. Prove your gaming skills. Share scores and challenge friends. Go face to face with 'Horns and come out on top!

Try the web version for free.


Finished 11 of 800, Flappy Jam

Finalist, Flappy Jam Showcase

Game of the Week, Touch My Apps



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Cow Jumpin - 2 Ton Studios

Shadow Spire Web, Concept

One of the earlist game project for us, we took it to alpha then stopped workin on it. Gameplay focused around Knight Commander Rorke, last hope for the Kingdom of Kintorr. Battle against wave after wave of undead monsters, as you make your way up the Shadow Spire in an effort to defeat the evil Lord Cynric and his underlings.

With over 8 hours of gameplay, this Metroid inspired dungeon crawler is chalk full of fantastic monsters, powerful weapons, special abilities, tons of unique bosses and three beautifully crafted dungeons.

You can give it a try at the link below. It's got bugs and takes ages to load on some broswers.

Try the Silverlight version.

NinjaBoy iOS, July 2012


NinjaBoy is a puzzle-platformer. It's about avoiding traps, collecting stars, solving puzzles, and out-smarting enemies.

Guide young Tadeo through all 80 levels and defeat Lord Hito. Challenge yourself by avoiding all the traps, sneaking around all the enemies, mastering Dragon Chop, and gathering all the stars to unlock the Yellow Jumpsuit. Strive for elite gamer status by earning 80 Grandmaster Badges and unlocking the Shadow Guise Ninja Suit.

The Kingdom has fallen. Lord Hito now rules with an iron fist. During the battle, Master Minoru and his youngest pupil, Tadeo, managed to escape. Hidden away in a forgotten temple, the young ninja trains in hopes of defeating the Dark Lord and restoring freedom to the Kingdom.

Try the web version for free.


95/100, Arcadelife

85/100, Indie Game Mag

8/10, iPhone Life

4/5, The App Shack

App of the Week, Slide To Play



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NinjaBoy - 2 Ton Studios

NinjaBoy WP7, April 2011


Take control of young Tadeo, aka NinjaBoy, as you jump, run and chop your way through level-after-level of carefully crafted platform-puzzler Ninja gameplay

Set within the Kingdom of Di, you'll need to overcome both classic and new platformer challenges: tripwires, springs, Sentry Bots, Stompers, Pikemen, magical platforms, Wing Chun Guards, climbing poles, and even a boss, Lord Hito, as you look to defeat the kingdom's evil emperor and restore peace to the region.


360,000+ downloads

4,000+ reviews

Channel 9 Hot Apps selection

9/10 Windows Phone Daily


8.7/10 avg review score

Top ten app, 4 weeks

Windows Phone Blog Radio


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Akiak WP7, Jan 2011


Guide Akiak through obstacle-ridden courses on his quest to unlock achievements, beat personal bests and conquer each of the unique courses.

Using precisely calibrated tilt and touch controls, it’s a race for distance and points. Collect fish, jump ice cracks, dodge sharks or score goals, or grab Easter Eggs in the new Easter Forest course!

v1.4 introduces the Easter Bunny to Akiak and ushers in a brand new course, Easter Forest, chalk full of all new presents, achievements and obstacles. Dodge candy spills, collect Easter Eggs, grab jump empowering carrots, ride on the all new Candy Disc, and snag Clues to reveal Rare Easter Eggs.


1,000+ reviews 8.7/10 avg

100,000+ downloads

'Game of the Week' Windows Phone Blog

Featured Plaffo.com

5/5 WPCentras.lt


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Flying Heads WP7, Dec 2010


Dwarven Riflemen agree, Flying Heads is the best zombie-shooting pickup-and-play action game this side of the Grandhammer Mountains!

Unleash the fury of your finger-powered rifle on wave after wave of zombie heads, as you master finger-tapping combos, thwart bosses, collect treasure, and perfect the lost art of Armor Juggling.


9.2/10 avg score

Review bestwp7games.com


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