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SHADOW SPIRE in beta - free to play

Now in Beta, but free to play, you control Knight Commander Rorke, last hope for the Kingdom of Kintorr. Battle against wave after wave of undead monsters, as you make your way up the Shadow Spire in an effort to defeat the evil Lord Cynric and his underlings.

With over 8 hours of gameplay, this Metroid inspired dungeon crawler is chalk full of fantastic monsters, powerful weapons, special abilities, tons of unique bosses and three beautifully crafted dungeons.

Try the web version for free.

SPACE COMMANDER concept phase

We just finished early concepting, but wanted to share it with you guys. Space Commander will be a sci-fi based action-adventure game. Inspired by the great Metroid games. Unlike the classic, it will feature a different, more cerebral take on combat and defeating enemies. We also have big plans, that we're very excited about, for character customization and enhancement. Sadly, we can't reveal more details at this time, but here is some concept work that we think rocks and hope you do as well. Cheers!

NINJABOY - NEW AREAS active project
The initial reponse to our latest game has been fantastic and we can't wait to get a new area out to you guys. Thanks to everyone that has tried it out and keep spreading the word :).

As promised, we're hard at work landing new areas fro NinjaBoy. However, quality is super important to us, so we will be taking our time to ensure it's not only as good, but better than the first two areas. As soon as we have more info we'll post it here or on the main News section of the site. Cheers!
AKIAK - NEW CONTENT active project
Akiak, our first hit on WP7 is still very near and dear to our hearts, we have lots of big plans for new courses and gameplay mechanics, that we hope to deliver over the next couple of months. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to download and review our game, keep spreading the word, it really helps!
NEW TITLE - SPACE THEME concept phase
We just started intial concepting of our next game, which is very rough at the moment, but will focus on a space/sci-fi adventure theme. That's all we can say now... more details when we know them ourselves :).