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The 3rd intergalactic war is over. Someone won, someone lost. Who cares. Too many died, you and your crew weren't among them. Now the real war begins. For those involved, it's a time for picking up the pieces, and putting their lives back together. For you, it's open season on forgotten treasures, abandoned bases and tech riches beyond your wildest dreams.

On board your delta-class assault cruiser, The Waystar, explore galaxy after galaxy in a squad-based adventure roleplaying game. Each galaxy starts with a unique procedurally generated adventure, and is populated with procedurally generated areas, events, quests, threats and rewards. Race after intergalactic bounty hunters, land on planets, explore space stations, rescue governor's daughters, avoid capture by pirates, and secure ancient relics, as you earn fantastic new gear, befriend new squadmates, battle epic bosses, upgrade your ship and make quick decisions about where to go and how to handle dynamically generated situations.

Waystar will initally be optimized for tablets and phones. This will be followed by a similar, but again optimized, version for Xbox via its Xbox ID program. Originally, we titled this game 'Iron Knight' but as indie devs sometimes do, we changed our mind, thinking Waystar is a better, more unique name :). In the past we also had 2 games in mind, one for tablets and phones, and a totally different game for Xbox ID. We've since decided to merge the concepts from both games. We think this will result in a much better experience.

With these changes, our new shipdate is early 2015. We will have alpha and beta testing phases, but seeing as we're just a husband and wife dev team I'm not sure how extensive they will be. If you are interested ping me at feedback@2tonstudios.com. Or, follow us at @2tonstudios and Facebook. Cheers!